05 January 2011

Morning Vent, 5 January 2011

 Camo bikini GungalTM reminds us that girls
guns go together like summer and silicone!

    Had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's with my beloved! Unfortunately, both of us have to go to work, unless we hit it big in yesterday's MegaMillions, lol. I'm starting out for parts North shortly to begin a three-night rotaton. My Pretty Gal and I have been awfully spoiled by the vacation, being able to see each other a lot. But it's all good, because we have each other, no matter what. I have my gal to come home to in just three nights! 

    Played some Black Ops bots yesterday with Reibo. It's weird, but I'm actually doing better at it than he is. Against bots on Regular difficulty, I haven't lost a FFA match lately. On bot TDM on Cracked yesterday, I found a short alley at the end of the map which allowed me to prowl back and forth with the extended mag AK-47. Using the Napalm Strike, Rolling Thunder, and the Attack Dogs, I managed a Flawless 58-0. Against bots which instantaneously target your ass without even actually seeing you, it's good to be in a spot where they can't spawn behind you, lol. Essentially meaningless against bots, which are nowhere near as challenging as humans, but still cool. Moving on...

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