06 January 2011

  At work, and the internet gods are not co-operating with updating the blogsite. So today's blog entry is brought to you through the miracle of webmail, lol.
   Just about half-way done with the first night, and it's been really, really busy. With more than the usual amount of work in my area (due to some planned maintenance), I've been kept hopping. I usually have some dead time to text back and forth a little bit with my Sweet Gal, Effie. But tonight I was kept to busy to send more than one or two texts in between work tasks.
   I'm hoping things settle down a little tomorrow night, but the Magic Eight Ball is firmly on 'Signs Point to No'. Wednesday and Thursday are the busiest nights for me at work, and indications are tomorrow will be even more hectic.
   So, with that, appy-polly-lodges for the lateness or lack of a blog entry today. It really wasn't my fault, lol. And this brings up another good point: In a couple of weeks, I'll probably be in a new apartment and temporarily without internet access. I'm not sure how things will develop, but blogging might be sparse until I can get back online here up North. I have internet access at work during breaks, but I don't know how much time I'll have for blogging here.
   I'll keep you all posted here as things develop.

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