23 February 2011

Morning Vent, 23 February 2011

 Asian fishnet GungalTM is sloppy
with her trigger finger...

    Heading to work for a long, cold 4-night rotation away from my Sweet Gal. I miss her horribly, as always, but it's even worse after such a wonderful weekend away spent together. We were never more than a few feet away from each other (and considerably closer mostly, lol) for three days and nights, and it was absolutely wonderful beyond words! I love you, my darling Effie! I'll be home quick as I can, baby! 

    I was away from my beloved Effie so Matt, Reibo, & I could have a gaming night. Matt proved definitively dominant, winning most of the games we played. And I played just horribly, with reflexes and timing just as off as they could be. Maybe it is time to move on to board and card games, lol. Took this snap to commemorate the the occasion, lol:

    Moving on...

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