05 March 2011

Morning Vent, 5 March 2011

 IBTC GungalTM has a spiffy comped semi-auto,
but displays lousy trigger finger discipline.

    Back home to my beloved Effie today, as the work week draws to a close!! As this auto-posts, I'm halfway done with the last work night and getting primed to rocket back home to her loving arms. I can't wait to take her in my arms again!!!

    Long-time readers (all 7 of you, lol!) of the blog will have noted that I sometimes include comments about cigars I smoke. That era is drawing to a close as I quit smoking altogether. My humidor is just about empty now, as I cull through what's still good at the bottom. I decided a couple of weeks back that, as my Sweet Gal is giving up her smokes, I should give up mine, too. Not the same level of sacrifice, by any means, but it felt right to do it. So, I bid a fond adios to stogies here on the blog. Cigars are now a 'special occasion' item, like birthday cake: meant to be enjoyed once or twice a year, rather than every day of the week, lol. Moving on...

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