06 January 2012

Morning Vent, 6 January 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 Vampiric GungalTM Kate Beckinsale does the akimbo thing in Underworld: Awakening...

    As this posts on the HQ, the second work night is over, and in just 24 hours, I'll be back home with my lovely Effie!! It's always rough to be away from home, and this week has been more trying than most. We were really spoiled by being together so many days in a row, and it was hard as heck to be away from her sweet smile and loving arms. But tomorrow, Good Lord willing, I'll be holding her tight, and everything will be OK again!! Effie, I love you, baby!! I'll be home tomorrow!!
    Long time readers of the blog will know of my life-long fascination with vampires. While surfing for links to feature on the blog, I came across news on the upcoming (as in this month) premiere of the latest entry in the Underworld franchise, Underworld: Awakening. Today's Gungal is a nod to that longtime interest, and the trailer promises some really great-looking 3D fight scenes. (The YouTube trailer is embedded in the blog news links below.) Though horror flicks aren't my Pretty Gal's cup of tea at all, I'll see whether she'd like to go see this one when it opens up on 20 January 2012. Interestingly, Kate Beckinsale, today's GungalTM, shares a link of sorts with Sharon Stone, tomorrow's GungalTM. Beckinsale is also playing Stone's part in the remake of Total Recall, slated for a 3 August 2012 release. Moving on...

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Centranthus said...

Yeah, have heard quite a few people all excited about the new movie. I expect nothing less than a full review once you see it! *laughs* just kidding. Hope the week passes by quickly so you can rocket (safely!) home to your sweetie-pie!

I'll be rocketing to Charlotte tomorrow to meet up with Bryan. =)

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