30 September 2012

Morning Vent, 30 September 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Jordan Carver doesn't use body armor...

    Not sure there'll be news links to accompany this blog, as time is kinda pressing at work (where this is being prepped). I'm home with my honey for a wonderful and hopefully pressure free Sunday. We have tentative plans to attend the Spirit of Beacon Day celebrations in my hometown, so fingers crossed that that comes off as planned. I'm really looking forward to sampling the awesome sausage and peppers made by our local Knights of Columbus!! I told Effie about it last year, but the event totally slipped my mind. Hope we have better luck this year!! 

    It's unlikely that there was gaming yesterday, since my burpeeday celebration was on tap for the day. The Call of Duty campaigns are usually pretty short. In a very, very short time, I've already made it almost as far as I had playing at home. Modern Warfare 2 has some really big set piece battles. The 'Gulag' episode is typical: One section has you trying to make it past riot shield douchers into a hole in the floor of a prison shower. You just have to stay alive long enough and then rush past and jump down. NPC Soap McTavish was still giving me advice while I was standing on the floor below, waiting for him to catch up, lol. Moving on...

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