14 November 2012

Afternoon Vent, 14 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalsTM work their suppressed sidearms...

    My Sweet Gal is at work, and I stopped over by the old HQ bunker to visit the folks. Sadly, the folks were out, but I got to see borther Rick for a bit and visited with him. I've got a couple of shopping missions to accomplish today, and I hope to get them out of the way quick enough to jump online for some more Black Ops 2. Yesterday, I got hit with a bout of fatigue out of nowhere after picking up my game. While my honey was working, I was zonked out on the couch, good for absolutely nothing for 2-3 hours. Despite that, I still went to sleep at the normal time and slept more or less right through till our normal wake-up time. What's up with that?
    Tomorrow, my Pretty Gal and I hope to have a nice birthday dinner, followed up with some nice burpeeday cake, lol. Fingers crossed then, on all fronts.

    I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of single player between when my fit of narcolepsy expired and when my honey came home for dinner. The campaign is notably linear (even for Call of Duty) so far, but there seem to be some improvements in the game which had been discussed here a few years back. Remarkably, it looks like weapon unlocks during the campaign will allow you to replay missions with different loadouts. Also, some individual variation on weapon setups (weapon selection, sights, grenades) is available right from the get go on campaign missions. The graphics are noticeably improved, tho some of the cutscenes look a bit awkward and blocky to me. I was surprised, tho, to see a re-emergence of the old Call of Duty fave endlessly spawning enemies. During a segment where you hold off some enemy troops, I was shocked to see more enemy troops literally spawning into existence around a rock outcropping. I would mow down ten or so and ten more would just poof! into view in full sight. What, Treyarch, is up with that? Moving on...

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