06 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

Vampire GungalTM Kate Beckinsale gets ready to wield dual Beretta 93Rs...

    I'm hoping for some 'west and wewaxation at wast' today, last week being so hectic. So fingers crossed that all went well yesterday with the repair mission and this morning finds my honey and me happily having our morning coffee and looking at the sale papers. Regardless, it's wonderful to be home again with my beloved Effie!!! 

    So I mentioned prestige yesterday; I really miss the Ghost perk after prestiging. I'm saving the permanent unlock token specifically for the Ghost perk, when it comes up again. Having that on tap, I hope, will take the sting out of prestiging in the game again. In the meantime, with a mix of the heavy stock class and a lightweight SMG class, I'm making do. I'm messing around with the Remington 870, also, which I'm just horrible with, but I find so very satisfying when I do connect with it. It essentially hits the enemy like this:

    Moving on...

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