16 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 16 October 2009

IGN has a vdeio interview with Modern Warfare 2 lead character animator Joel Emslie. Click here!

Computer and Videogames has a slightly breathless article about their Modern Warfare 2 experience. Click here!

Playfire contest to win a Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2. There's a 10 question quiz. If you can't answer them, you don't deserve to win. :) Click here!

USA Today Game Hunters has an article on why there's no co-op for Modern Warfare 2. "It would have ruined the experience" is the operative phrase. Well, I love IW and its cohorts, but I think they mean, "It would have been too hard to get a co-op campaign to work."  After all, the Bungie crowd has been giving us half-assed co-op for a long time. Since I regularly game with 2 other people, it'll mean, if we want to play MW2 Spec Ops, one of us will be a Bystander to Fun (TM).  Click here!

GoogleNews has a similar story from Canadian Press. Click here!

Kotaku has essentially the same info. Click here!

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