17 October 2009

Morning Vent, 17 October 2009

(Update: Well, Reibochief, my brother Rick, & I hit the Westchester computer show this AM. It was sparsely attended; very few vendors showed up. I picked up the PC version of Brothers in Arms: The Road to Hill 30 for $9, so it wasn't a total loss. Not much at the show, period.)

I'm prepping this morning vent as the Yankees are playing their 1st game against the Angels. I certainly hope that, when I post it in the AM, it'll be to crow about the Bronx Bombers handing the Angels their collective ass in a basket.

On to other matters... MW2 is not going to be W@W, Part 2. It's a different game. The pace is different, the maps are different, the gameplay mechanic is different. And so, don't expect the same things that work on W@W to work on MW2. Those of you who have played both might know what I mean. It's a function of IW designing tighter, smaller maps that still manage to have a buttload of avenues of approach to most hot spots. If you cover a tactical area with several players, you're still vulnerable to any tossed hand grenade or grenade launcher shot. In W@W, you could get away with three players with interlocking fields of fire controlling half the map. MW2 is going to demand a more flexible, mobile game.

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