16 October 2009

Morning Links of Note, 16 October 2009

Ex-mail carrier admits to stealing 2,500 video game discs in transit from the GameFly rental service to subscribers in the Philly, PA area. Click here!

The 250 gb PS3 is scheduled for a Nov. 3rd release. Click here!

In the "So?"  Department, Blend Games reports on Dual SFX PS3 Pro controllers which are said to be the cat's ass & are being released in time for MW2. Click here!

GameSpy presents a flowchart of decision-making on Xbox Live Friend requests. Click here!

Non-Gamer Stuff:

5 Reasons it sucks being a Joss Whedon fan. Click here!

Times-UK has the 50 most annoying things about the internet. (And, no, yes, surprisingly the Times-UK isn't is on the list. At least, they know they're annoying.) Click here!

Ars Technica discusses the Schumer Box option for consumer info on broadband providers. Click here!

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