19 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 19 January 2010

Mrs. Emma Peel and her .25

    Had a little Modern Warfare afternoon delight with Reibo yesterday. He unexpectedly got some invites while he was giving my copy of Battlefield: Bad Company a spin. (More on that in a future blog; suffice to say that I tried Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and kinda liked it. I don't have an XIM360 config properly cooked up for that game yet. I found an XIM360 config for Bad Company which worked pretty damn good for me, so I tried that game and wound up really liking it so far.)
    We went 4/1, but it wasn't because of any great deeds on my part. On one disastrous game on Scrapyard, I went 5/12, single-handedly causing a black hole of suck which threatened to pull down the whole team (and did). I was never able to consolidate myself anywhere, and any time I tried to reach a covered position with a good field of fire, I got picked off. I actually died enough times to get the Painkiller death streak bonus. Unfortunately, it did little good since the spawning gods put me right under Reibo's incoming Predator. I was able to spectate it while I was in respawn and materialized under it when it detonated inside one of the warehouses.
    I redeemed myself a bit on two matches on Karachi. I camped the chicken coop area in both games. In the first, I was torqued out because I was 0/4; I kept getting fragged over by the small pallet warehouse near the chicken coops. I finally spawned in the chicken coop area itself and got 6 kills in the last couple of minutes of the game. My best 2 kills were: Stitching a guy from his ballsack to his skullcap with the SCAR-H as he leaped down from the wall into the chicken coop. That netted me a promotion to 4 Star General, earned me my 1000th kill with the SCAR-H, and got me the Predator missile. It was especially delicious to deliver that Predator since I bought it down right on top of one of the douches who had been giving one of Reibo's pals a hard time earlier. I gave him the Predator hat and launched my Attack Helicopter with 20 secs to go in the game. (Hey, it's XP just to launch it, after all!)

    In the next Karachi game, I got into the chicken coop and held it on the right side. I managed to get most of the enemy trying to infiltrate on the right side, going 9/1. I was still supremely POed about the ass-pummeling I took on Scrapyard, so when everybody called mealtime, I was relieved and quit while I was behind... Reibo got online a couple of hours later for a couple of hours -- and he rocked. I looked over his shoulder while he went 13/0 on Estate with the silenced WA2000 and One Man Army. Despite his efforts, the rest of his team got their clocks cleaned, tho, and they lost.

    On 2Old2Play, I frequently post YouTube vids in their Call of Duty forum. YouTube is loaded with wannabe-uber-players who post their montages, games, and reviews. I usually try to post something entertaining, informational, or instructive. Sometimes, tho, I find something so unfathomably bad, that it gets posted for laughs. Yesterday's Timmy YouTube review of Modern Warfare 2 was one such item. Frankly, children this age probably shouldn't be playing Modern Warfare 2, period. (Certainly, children this annoying should be barred from playing, at least while I'm logged on.) Back in December, I blogged about the oblivious Mom buying her Timmy Modern Warfare 2 without so much as a glance at the rating on the box. I wonder whether this kid's parents know about the pretty grody violence in Modern Warfare 2... I doubt it. As Rodney Dangerfield said in Caddyshack: "Now I know why tigers eat their young."

Victor Grasso asks:Are you gooooooooddd?

    The best part of the whole 2Old2Play forum thread tho was Blimey's take on the young Mr. Grasso:

Darwin has no explanation for this.

    I laughed so hard I think I hurt myself. On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:

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