05 January 2010

Morning Vent, 5 January 2010

Science. It rocks.
    The DOL meeting went very well. The DOL rep, Eve, was extremely nice. I was genuinely touched about her concern about my health, how I might be getting run down by all the crap with unemployment plus my home life hassles. She gave me some really good advice, too, God bless her.
    Here's another bonus: I'm coming down with another cold. My brother Rick was giving me the credit for his cold, which he's been struggling with the past 4-5 days. Well, I'm developing a cough. So, on the plus side, I'm innocent of giving him his frackin' cold. On the minus side, I'm going to get his frackin' cold next.


Axu & Elvis said...

Just stay strong!

Thanks for Your blog and Your thoughts about MW2.

See U online, wishes A&E from Finland!

Joker961 said...

(Sorry for the late reply. The comment alerts have been landing in my spam bin.)

Thank you for the kind thoughts! And thanks for reading and commenting!

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