23 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 23 March 2010

    Since today is a slow news day, I'd like to take a paragraph to plug the best gaming news website: Blue's News. If you visit Blue's and notice a similarity in style between his site and my blog, it's not a coincidence. Blue's News has always been at the top of my bookmarks; it's literally the first site I hit after my PC boots up. When I made my first hesitant steps into online gaming back in '98-99, there were only 2 go-to sites for me, Blue's News and Radium's map website. Sadly, Radium's site is long gone, but Blue's News is better than ever. Its delightfully minimalist style is a classy breather from the eyeball-destroying, Flash-laden gaming sites that I prowl for news items. If you haven't already, give Blue's News a try. You can also get his news items in real time by following his site on Twitter. His insightful take on gaming, tech, and metaverse news items is the absolute best on the web. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

'I Suck at MW2'  An MW2 Failtage

Defendthehouse: Myth 6 of 21

    If you remember this story about the Brits who built a real-life version of the "The Pit" for a TV show, then you should get a blast out of this video. In this vid, Jason Bradbury, one of the hosts of The Gadget Show, goes head to head with a real-life SAS trooper. The commando does "The Pit" course in real life, the gamer does it on a console. I won't tell you how it turns out, but I'm 48, and I did "The Pit" a full second faster on the Xbox 360 than this dude did, who's only 40, so he shouldn't patting himself on the back quite so vigorously. More comments after the jump for the vid.

Jason Bradbury - Modern Warfare 2 challenge

Tweeted by 75design

    Is that balls or what? No way I'd compare myself, controller in hand, to an active duty soldier... I wanted to say, "Now, switch." If Bradbury didn't accidentally shoot himself or someone else, or break a leg jumping down from the roof, there's no way in Hell he'd match the soldier's time in real life.
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