22 March 2010

Morning Vent, 22 March 2010

Kate Nauta sets the house on fire! 

    [Update at 1900 hrs: The job fair is for IBM employees only, anticipating a 300 employee layoff about to happen locally. So, cannot have job fair. Not yours.]

    It was an early bedtime last night. Today is dedicated to printing up some more resumes for tomorrow's job fair. I also hope to get some related errands completed today (like picking up a tie clasp to keep my tie from blowing this way and that).
    The current plan for tomorrow is to partner up with two of my former workmates and go down to the job fair together. It'll be nice to have some company for the ordeal.
    Still not gaming much. I'm a bit off on it lately, maybe because of the general malaise thing I've got going. Everything is kinda just meh.

Why the future is horrible: reason #12

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